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Child Poverty Bill passed 22/03/10 [E/NI/S/W]

During its meeting of 22 March 2010 MPs in the House of Commons debated and agreed Lords amendments on the Child Poverty Bill.

These included:

  • Ensuring there will be a report to parliament on progress towards the 2010 target to halve child poverty.
  • Clarifying the policy areas that must be considered in the child poverty strategy including: support for parents, mental health issues, and the groups of children most at risk of poverty. The at risk groups will be identified through analysis of the data on households below average income.
  • The direct requirement to consult with children and parents when preparing the child poverty strategies.
  • Extending the definition of parent in the Bill to cover those who do not have parental responsibility but who are caring for children who live with them.
  • Legislative changes to extend eligibility for free schools meals to primary school pupils in England from low income families.
The Bill received Royal Assent on 25 March 2010 to become the Child Poverty Act 2010. The new Act:
  • places a duty on the Secretary of State to meet United Kingdom-wide poverty targets by the end of the 2020 financial year
  • requires the UK Government to publish a regular UK child poverty strategy and annual progress reports
  • requires the Northern Irish and Scottish Ministers to publish child poverty strategies
  • establishes a Child Poverty Commission to provide advice to government on tackling child poverty

Further Information

House of Commons Hansard 22 March 2010
Child Poverty Act 2010