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Care Motion, 02/03/10 [S]

Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 2 March 2010 by Hugh O'Donnell (LD) on the recet launch of the Give me a Chance, Be Fair to a Child in Care campaign.

The full text of the motion reads:

That the Parliament supports the recent launch of the Give me a Chance, Be Fair to a Child in Care campaign, which is a call from the children themselves to members of the Scottish public asking them to improve their attitudes toward children in residential care; acknowledges the importance of such a campaign in helping to tackle the prejudices and reduce the stigma faced by Scotlandís most vulnerable young people; further acknowledges the efforts made by the charity behind this campaign in its efforts to raise awareness of this serious issue and to dispel many of the misconceptions that currently exist; believes that the success of this campaign is vital for the wellbeing and security of children currently dependent on residential care, and admires the children involved for actively working to make their lives and those of other children better.

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