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Regeneration debate, 01/03/06 [S]

During the meeting of the Scottish Parliament on 1 March 2006 MSPs debated the Scottish Executive's regeneration policy statement, "People and Place". During the debate matters including poverty and deprivation were discussed.

The Minister for Communities, Malcolm Chisholm, began the debate by setting in context the Scottish Executive's "People and Place: Regeneration Policy Statement". He said that the Executive have invested massively in enterprise, jobs, housing and in combating poverty and deprivation. He added that the number of Scottish children who live in poverty have been reduced dramatically.

The Minister said that the Executive aims to tackle poverty and disadvantage and that through the community regeneration fund the Executive will continue to support targeted action to help the most deprived neighbourhoods.

He moved that:

That the Parliament welcomes the publication of the Scottish Executive's statement "People and Place: Regeneration Policy in Scotland"; notes the current support for the regeneration of communities across Scotland; supports the commitment from the Executive and its agencies to work with local authorities and other partners to ensure that communities benefit from economic activity and to attract further investment from the private sector, and welcomes the Executive's determination to tackle those land, property and other issues that can act as a barrier to regeneration and to create successful, mixed and vibrant communities.

For full details see the Scottish Parliament's Official Report 1 March 2006 which is available on the Parliament website.

Further information

Scottish Parliament's Official Report 1 March 2006