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Planning Etc. (Scotland) Act 2006, [S]

The Planning (Scotland) Bill amends existing planning legislation to implement the proposals in the White Paper Modernising the Planning System. It creates measures to strengthen community involvement in the planning process, ensuring that communities are consulted at the earliest stage and before any developments take place. The Act also aims to speed up the planning process and to ensure that local authorities consider sustainability when putting together development plans.


In A Partnership for a Better Scotland the Scottish Executive committed to improving the planning system. In June 2005, the White Paper, Modernising the Planning System, set out the Executive's proposals. The Act amends existing legislation to implement the proposals in this White Paper.

Provisions as outlined in the Bill as introduced

Part 1 makes provisions for the National Planning Framework.

Part 2 relates to the strategic development plans. It also places a duty on planning authorities to consider sustainable development when putting together development plans, and will help to ensure that local people are more involved in the preparation of the plans.

Part 3 will bring about a range of improvements to the handling of applications for planning permission. Also revised in this section are the provisions relating to appeals and planning agreements.

Part 4 relates to enforcement and will introduce provisions for temporary stop notices and enforcement charters.

Part 5 updates provisions in the 1997 Act relating to Tree Preservation Orders.

Part 6 relates to provisions relating to the correction of errors in decisions.

Part 7 makes provisions for Scottish Ministers to assess and investigate the performance of planning authorities.

Part 8 amends existing provisions relating to fees and charges for those who use the planning system.

Part 9 - Business Improvement Districts - this allows local businesses to invest collectively in improvements to the area in which they operate.

Part 10 covers miscellaneous and general provisions

For more details see the Planning (Scotland) Bill's page on the Scottish Parliament's website.

Lead Committee: Communities


20/12/05 - BIll introduced to Scottish Parliament

2006 - Bill is passed

20/12/07 - Bill received Royal Assent

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