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Finance Committee takes evidence on the Inquiry into Deprivation, 25/10/05 [S]

During their meeting on 25 October 2005 the Finance Committee took evidence on the Inquiry into Deprivation. Issues discussed include the regeneration outcome agreements, the allocation of funds, area based spending, the Futurebuilders programme and employment programmes.

Evidence was taken from Communities Scotland and the Wise Group. The Wise Group said that they felt that employment should be a key focus for any inquiry into deprivation. They said that that funders should work with organisations to deliver continuous improvement rather than innovation and said they would like greater flexibility on how they use the money.

Communities Scotland agreed that funding to develop the social economy in supporting the regeneration of deprived areas was vital.

With regards to funding it was highlighted that short term funding is a major barrier on wider regeneration strategies.

Elaine Murray asked Communities Scotland whether there should be a single funding stream that is based on the Scottish index of multiple deprivation. She said that there are also communities of deprivation that are not area based but comprise young people without access to training and employment. She said that perhaps there should be different sources of funding and that different types of deprivation should be tackled from different sources of funding.

Also discussed was community consultation in regeneration.

Full details can be found in the Finance Committee's Official Report 25 October 2005 which can be found on the Committee's page on the Scottish Parliament website.

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