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Disability Inquiry

The Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee is currently looking at barriers to the full participation of disabled people, in its disability inquiry, ‘Removing Barriers and Creating Opportunities’.

Aim of the inquiry

To examine the barriers facing disabled people in their everyday lives. In particular the Committee will focus upon barriers within:
  • further and higher education
  • access to work
  • leisure and the arts

The Committee will also examine how to open up opportunities to disabled people.


Written evidence received as part of the inquiry is available on the Committee’s website. Click here.

The Committee undertook a series of visits across Scotland to hear from relevant individuals, groups and organisations. This included an event in Edinburgh with young disabled people. Click here to view the evidence gathered.


June 2004 – Inquiry launched
Phase 1 - September 04 - June 05 – scene setting and evidence gathering
Phase 2 - September 2005 - April 2006 – focused evidence
Phase 3 - April 2006 - May 2006 – Examination of findings

Further information

The Disability Inquiry website

To contact the Equal Opportunities Committee, please contact the Clerk, Steve Farrell, telephone 0131 348 5211, RNID Typetalk calls welcome, fax: 0131 348 5600 or email: