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Call for Evidence on Arts in the Community Inquiry, 02/07/04 [S]

The Scottish Parliament's Enterprise and Culture Committee has called for evidence on its inquiry into arts in the community. Consultation period: 02/07/04 to 15/09/04The remit of the inquiry is:

To investigate the funding, organisation and policies relevant to community arts in the context of the overall strategy for culture in Scotland.

Specific areas to be considered are:

1. What are community arts currently delivering?

2. What are the benefits and potential benefits of community arts?

3. Who is involved in community arts? Including:

- to what extent is support for the community arts sector derived from the private and voluntary sectors?
- are there sectors/groups in society that have a greater degree of access to, or involvement in, community arts?

4. What actions are required to ensure that the benefits arising from community arts across a range of spheres (such as employability, community cohesion and the therapeutic benefits of arts in health and in particular mental health) are fully realised?

5. What barriers are there to securing full benefit from investment in community arts, and how can these be overcome?

How to submit evidence

Submissions should be no more than six sides of A4.

Submissions should be emailed to:

Where e-mail is not available, please contact the Clerks to discuss alternative arrangements.

Judith Evans, Direct Tel: 0131 348 5214 (RNID Typetalk calls welcome). Email:


Sein Wixted, Direct Tel: 0131 348 5230 (RNID Typetalk calls welcome). Email: se