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Call for Evidence on Pupil Motivation Inquiry, 30/11/04 [S]

The Scottish Parliament's Education Committee has launched an inquiry into pupil motivation. The aim of the inquiry is to identify how all children and young people can be motivated by their school experience to enable them to achieve their full potential. The Committee has called for written evidence to be submitted by 4 February 2005.

Consultation period: 30/11/04 to 04/02/05

More specifically the Education Committee are particularly interested in:

  • identifying which factors have a positive or negative impact on pupils' motivation

  • how pupils' experience outside school impacts on their level of motivation within school

  • examples of how to identify early signs that particular pupils may be disaffected by their school experience

  • examples of effective teaching approaches, learning styles and personalised learning that have a motivating influence for disaffected pupils

  • examples of approaches which ensure that vocational training and alternative curriculum experiences are recognised and valued appropriately

  • examples of best practice from Scotland and other countries

  • the effectiveness of existing networks and structures for communicating examples of best practice


Written evidence should be emailed to: with the subject line of 'Pupil motivation'

If you have a computer, but no email, you can post your response to us on a 3_"" disk in Word format. If you cannot access email or a disk, your submission must be typed. Hard copy submissions should be sent to: Paul Howell, T3.40, The Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP.

Submissions should not exceed 4 sides of A4 paper.

All evidence received may be published by the Scottish Parliament and will be treated as a public document unless indicated otherwise. All responses will be circulated to members of the Committee. All responses become the property of the Scottish Parliament and we are unable to return documents.

Following this first phase of the inquiry, the Committee will review the evidence received and determine where it wishes to focus its detailed attention.

Further Information

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