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Child Care Inspections Written Answer, 02/02/05 [S]

Written answer given on 2 February 2005 in response to Des McNulty's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Executive whether a risk-based approach to inspection of child care and day-care provision, which would involve more frequent inspections for poorer-performing providers and longer intervals between inspections for better performers, would help ensure resources are targeted at high-risk providers while minimising the burden of inspections on others.

The Deputy Minister for Health and Community Care, Rhona Brankin responded that the Care Commission is required under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 to inspect each care service at least once a year. The Commission's approach takes account of risk in that it has developed a pre-inspection return which incorporates a self-evaluation for providers, a risk-based approach based on pre-inspection returns, previous inspections and other criteria and in terms of day-care services for children, joint inspection arrangements with HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) have been further refined so that only one officer (either Care Commission or HMIE) inspects small services (i.e. services providing 10 or fewer places to children at any one time).

The full answer can be read in the Scottish Parliament's Written Answer Report 31-4 February 2005, available on the Scottish Parliament website.

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