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Subordinate Legislation Committee considers Smoking (Scotland) Bill, 12/04/05 [S]

At their meeting on 12 April 2005 the Subordinate Legislation Committee considered a response from the Executive on the delegated powers provisions in the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1.

The Committee agreed to raise its concerns to the Executive regarding section 34(4) of the bill, which deals with the consultation process. They would like to include in the bill a requirement for consultation on a draft instrument.

The Committee agreed the terms of its report and to write to the Minister in charge of the Bill.

The Committee went on to discuss the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (Appointment of President, Conveners and Members and Disqualification) Regulations 2005. They will report to the lead committee and Parliament to raise concern regarding a contradiction in regulation 5 where members of the tribunals are not allowed to be legally qualified, but conveners should be legally qualified.

For more information and the full transcript of the meeting see the Subordinate Legislation Committee Official Report 12 April 2005.

Further Information

  1. Subordinate Legislation Committee Official Report 12 April 2005