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Education Committee on Pupil Motivation Inquiry, 22/06/05 [S]

At their meeting on 22 June 2005 the Education Committee considered key issues raised during the Pupil Motivation Inquiry and agreed the terms of its draft report on the inquiry.

The Committee discussed what issues they would like highlighted in the draft report:

  • Class sizes and pupil/teacher relationships

  • Mentoring of young people from chaotic backgrounds by adults

  • Teacher training to ensure knowledge of how to involve parents and help parents support their children's learning

  • Proper accreditation of vocational courses and stronger links between local small and medium-sized businesses

  • Parental involvement

The Committee also agreed that more research/data was needed on the issues surrounding pupil disaffection, especially around attendance rates and the successes of home-school links and links with colleges.

The Committee agreed that the draft report would be produced during recess and discussed in the new Parliamentary session.

For more information see the Education Committee Official Report 22 June 2005.

Further Information

  1. Education Committee Official Report 22 June 2005