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Call for Evidence on Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill, 25/06/15 - 04/09/15 [S]

The Education and Culture Committee invites your views on the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill, which was introduced in the Scottish Parliament by the Scottish Government on 16 June 2015.

According to the Policy Memorandum, the principal objective of the Bill “is to enable a framework of higher education governance that is more modern, inclusive and accountable. It will strengthen existing governance in the higher education sector in Scotland, ensuring it remains fit for purpose”.

The Committee invites you to answer some or all of the questions/issues below to help it in scrutinising the Bill and in reporting to the Parliament:

1.  What do you consider to be the existing problems (if any) with higher education governance, particularly around modernity, inclusion and accountability?

2. The extent to which the Bill
(a) will improve higher education governance, particularly in the areas above
(b) may alter the higher education sector’s current level of autonomy
(c) may affect lines of accountability between the Scottish Government, relevant public bodies and the higher education sector

The Bill is part of a wider package of recent reforms to higher education governance, including the development of a Scottish Code of Good Higher Education Governance.

3. Has the correct balance been struck between legislative and non-legislative measures? Are any further measures needed?

For full details see the Scottish Parliament website.

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Call for Evidence on Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill