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One Scotland - Programme for Government 2014 - 15 26/11/14 [S]

The Scottish Government has outlined its Programme for Government in 2014-15 which includes 13 key elements.

These include:

Tackling poverty: Challenging welfare reforms imposed by the UK Government will remain a priority. The Scottish Government will provide £104 million in 2015-16 to mitigate the worst impacts of these reforms on our most deprived and vulnerable children and families. This will be achieved through the Scottish Welfare Fund (£38 million), Bedroom Tax support (£35 million), the council tax reduction scheme (£23 million) and advice services (£8 million). Legislation will provide a statutory basis for a permanent local welfare safety net.

Modern Apprenticeships: The target is to provide 30,000 new modern apprenticeships each year by 2020.

Childcare: The Programme reiterates the current commitment to 600 hours per annum (around 16 hours per week) early learning and childcare for 3 and 4 year olds and eligible 2 year olds. It undertakes to start planning now for near-doubling of this provision to 30 hours per week by the end of the next Parliament.

Raising attainment: Education Scotland will provide an Attainment Advisor in each local authority area to improve attainment and build capacity in our schools. A new Education Bill will include new powers to support children who require additional support for learning, particularly those from deprived communities, and promote children’s and parental rights. A new literacy and numeracy campaign will be launched for children in Primary 1 -3 with a focus on deprived communities.

A Carers’ Bill: Will be introduced to provide more support for carers and young carers to help improve their outcomes.

Further Information

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