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Nursery Provision Oral Question, 20/11/2014 [S]

During First Minister's Question Time on 20 November 2014 Liz Smith (Con) asked the First Minister what action the Scottish Government will take to ensure that all children receive their full two years’ entitlement of nursery provision

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, replied that the Scottish Government has committed more than £300 million over this year and next to increase entitlement to 600 hours a year, which is around 16 hours a week for all three and four-year-olds, and we have now expanded that to our most disadvantaged two-year-olds. However, I want to go further. If this Government is re-elected in 2016, we intend, by the end of that session, to almost double childcare from 16 hours to 30 hours a week. We have a strong record in government and a strong vision for the future.

For the full answer to this and any subsidiary questions see the Scottish Parliament Official Report 20 November 2014 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Official Report 20 November 2014