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Tackling child abuse, 11/11/14 [S]

A major public awareness campaign to educate people on the warning signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE) forms part of a wide ranging action plan published today aimed at safeguarding young people at risk.

The national action plan was unveiled as Education Secretary Michael Russell made a statement on child protection to the Scottish Parliament. It has been co-produced by the Scottish Government and a national Ministerial Working Group (MWG) on CSE made up of a range of experts, including Police Scotland, Children in Scotland, the Care Inspectorate, Aberlour, Barnardos and the Crown Office.

Its recommendations include:

  • Increase frontline practitioners’ understanding of CSE, including medical staff and teachers
  • Develop guidance for taxi-drivers, hotel workers and others in the ‘night-time’ economy to help identity and report suspicions of CSE
  • Develop protocols for local authorities to be used as best practice and establish consistency across the country in supporting CSE services
  • Establish a children & young people steering group on CSE to advise on key issues such as areas for support
  • Review current civil preventative orders on sexual offences.
For full details see the Scottish Government news release.

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Tackling child abuse