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A fair start for every child: why we must act now to tackle child poverty in the UK, 28/05/14 [E/NI/S/W]

This report from Save the Children blames benefit cuts, the increased cost of living and stagnant wages for the looming child poverty crisis and it argues that children have borne the brunt of the recession in Britain and now represent the "face of poverty" in the UK.

The report examines how poverty is affecting the lives of children – their physical health, emotional well-being, cognitive development and educational achievement; the development over ten years of the three main drivers of child poverty – flat wage growth, recent pressure on social security spending and the rising cost of living; forecasts for these three poverty drivers and the likely impact on children’s lives and child poverty rates up to 2020 – the year the main political parties are committed to end child poverty.

It looks at the choice politicians now face, advising that they must either recommit to eradicating poverty by 2020 and put forward a radical strategy to achieve it, or introduce an ambitious interim plan, with an achievable but ambitious date for poverty eradication. Save the Children says the immediate priority must be for all children to have a fair start by the age of 11 and it is calling for three key steps: high-quality, affordable childcare for all; a minimum income guarantee for families of children under five; and a national mission for all children to be reading well by 11.

For full details see the Save the Children website.

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A fair start for every child: why we must act now to tackle child poverty in the UK