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The learning curve 2014 report, 08/05/14 [E/NI/S/W]

This report by the Economist Intelligence Unit for Pearson ranks the educational performance of 39 countries using a series of global datasets. It found that the UK was ranked sixth overall – the same position as last year.

Britain “holds steady” because of improvements in reading, maths and science scores combined with a rise in the number of teenagers going on to university. It placed the country as the highest-performing European nation after Finland, which was ranked fifth. However, it warns that pupils in Western countries are lagging behind those in the Far East because of lack of motivation from parents. British schoolchildren are being held back by a defeatist attitude among parents who believe pupils will only succeed if they are “born bright”. They are falling behind their peers in the Far East because large numbers of families do not think hard work alone can produce good grades. The study said that the top four places went to East Asian countries because of a “culture of accountability” in which teachers, pupils and parents all take responsibility for education. Researchers said it was “evident that parental expectations impact on the students’ performance and motivation”.

For full details see the Pearson website.

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The learning curve 2014 report