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Wealth and Income Inequality Debate, 07/05/14 [S]

Debate in the Scottish Parliament on 7 May 2014 on Wealth and Income Inequality. The debate was introduced by Patrick Harvie (Green).

At decision time the following amended motion was agreed to:

That the Parliament is deeply concerned at the current and predicted level of wealth and income inequality and identifies tackling this inequality as key to creating a fair and successful society; understands that achieving greater equality will require closing the gap between the highest and lowest incomes, as well as progressive and redistributive wealth and income taxes; believes that everyone deserves a fair and decent wage for work that provides for them to live with dignity and that employers should not rely on the benefit system to subsidise poverty pay; condemns examples of unfair and excessive pay, such as the attempt by the Royal Bank of Scotland to pay bonuses worth 200% of salaries to its executives; welcomes the EU cap on bonuses, first proposed by the Greens-European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament, which came into force in 2014, and recognises that it is only when the Parliament has full control over taxation and benefits that Scotland will be able to address wealth and income inequality properly.

For full details see the Scottish Parliament Official Report 7 May 2014 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Official Report 7 May 2014