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Multiple Cuts for the Poorest Families, 22/04/14 [E/NI/S/W]

This report warns that nearly two million of the poorest families in Britain have been made poorer by a "perfect storm" of below-inflation benefit rises and changes to the welfare system.

Analysis by Oxfam and the New Policy Institute found the worst affected 200,000 families were losing 864 a year as a result of the benefit cuts. It concluded that about 1.75 million households had been hit by one or more changes to benefit payments, including fewer council tax exemptions and the "bedroom tax". This leaves affected families with even less money to pay for essentials such as food, heating and transport. Oxfam is calling on the government to introduce an "absolute minimum" level of financial support regardless of where people live, which would be "high enough to prevent people from having to walk the breadline".

For full details see the Oxfam website.

Further information

Multiple Cuts for the Poorest Families: 1.75 million of the poorest families have seen their benefits cut to date due to welfare reform