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Tackling physical inactivity: a coordinated approach, 07/04/14 [E/NI/S/W]

The All-Party Commission on Physical Activity calls for radical changes to "turn back the toxic tide of inactivity", including altering the way schools are run.

It says schools should open "breakfast fitness clubs" so pupils get exercise before the day starts, with activity sessions scheduled between or during lessons. The report found that just half of seven-year-olds are meeting government recommendations to have an hour's moderate to vigorous physical activity each day, with levels of activity halving again between the ages of nine and 15.

Recommendations include:

  • The creation of a cross-sector and cross-departmental National Action Plan supported by the leaders of all the three major political parties;
  • Raise awareness by implementing a public health campaign focused on the benefits of physical activity;
  • Track progress by developing and introducing a standardised measure of physical activity across the UK, and standardised evaluation of investments;
  • Ensure local and national policy supports the design of physical activity back into everyday life through active travel and leisure (such as walking and cycling to school or work) and making ‘active workplaces’ the norm;
  • Make physical activity a lifelong habit by providing early access to positive experiences for children in sports, physical education, and active play.

For full details see the All-Party Commission on Physical Activity website.

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Tackling physical inactivity: a coordinated approach