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Abortion (Disability) Debate, 09/04/14 [E/NI/S/W]

Debate in the House of Commons on 9 April 2014 on abortion and disability. The debate was opened by Fiona Bruce (Cons).

She called for a review of the Abortion Act 1967, which was amended in 1990 to provide for abortion up to, and during, birth where there is “substantial risk” of “serious handicap”.

Ms Bruce said “The contrast between the way we see disabled people before and after birth could barely be starker. A disabled unborn child has effectively no rights up to birth. Many people are shocked to learn that he or she can be aborted right up to birth—as many as 16 weeks beyond the 24-week threshold for able-bodied babies. But the moment after birth, a whole panoply of rights and support suddenly comes into play”.

For full details see the House of Commons Hansard 9 April 2014 which is available from the UK Parliament website.

Further Information

House of Commons Hansard 9 April 2014