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Child abuse: stepping up the fight against online child sexual exploitation, 03/04/14 [E/NI/S/W]

Addressing an NSPCC conference on child protection, Policing Minister Damian Green announced the latest work taking place to stamp out online child sexual exploitation.

He said:

"While the internet quite properly should be free and open, I believe that the onus is on all of us – government and industry - to ensure that the internet and communications technology can’t be abused to facilitate sexual offences against children. We need to work together – nationally and internationally – to achieve this. But governments can’t supply all of the answers, and enforcement alone can’t solve all the problems.

What government and law enforcement can do, however, is identify where the problems are. But we need your help in coming up with the solutions. Industry has already done much, but we will need to look to you as the experts, to do more".

For full details see the UK Government news release.

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