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School Exclusions Written Answer, 24/03/14 [S]

Written Answer given in response to Liam McArthur's (LD) question asking the Scottish Government how many (a) primary and (b) secondary pupils were or have been excluded for being in possession of (i) a weapon, (ii) alcohol and (iii) illegal drugs at school in (A) 2012-13 and (B) 2013-14.

The Minister for Learning, Alasdair Allan, replied that although information on pupils excluded from school is collected by the Scottish Government, specific information on pupils excluded for possession of weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs at school is not collected. Information on exclusions, by the reasons for exclusion we collect, is published in table 17 of a supplementary dataset to the Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland, No 4: 2013 Edition publication.

For the full answer to this and other questions see the Scottish Parliament Written Answer Report 24 March 2014 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Written Answer Report 24 March 2014