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Human Trafficking Oral Question, 20/03/14 [S]

During First Minister's Question Time on 20 March 2014 Jenny Marra (Lab) asked the First Minister what steps the Scottish Government is taking to tackle human trafficking.

The First Minister, Alex Salmond, replied that the Scottish Government are working to ensure that police and prosecutors have the powers that they need to make Scotland a hostile place for traffickers, to raise awareness among the public and organisations about the potential signs of trafficking, and to ensure that tailored support packages are available for the victims of that heinous crime.

†The responses to the consultation on Jenny Marra's possible membersí bill confirm strong support for Scottish human trafficking legislation. As Ms Marra knows, on Monday 17 March it was confirmed that the Scottish Government will introduce a human trafficking bill in this parliamentary session to strengthen further that response.

For the full answer to this and any subsidiary questions see the Scottish Parliament Official Report 20 March 2014 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Official Report 20 March 2014