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Tribunals Bill passes Stage 3, 11/03/14 [S]

During its meeting of 11 March 2014 the Scottish Parliament passed the Tribunals (Scotland) Bill at Stage 3.

Tribunals are a key part of the legal system and are, in the main, an informal means of resolving disputes in areas like land, learning, charities, health and housing.

Having passed Stage 3 the Tribunals Bill will restructure the current system, which has developed in an ad-hoc way over many years, while continuing to protect the distinctive nature and culture of each particular jurisdiction.

The Bill will:

• create a simple two-tier system - a First-tier Tribunal for hearing first decisions ( into which the majority of tribunal jurisdictions will be transferred) and an Upper Tribunal (primarily for appeals from the First-tier)
• Bring judicial leadership under the remit of the Lord President
• Create a new office, the President of Scottish Tribunals (PST), to assist the Lord President with his new duties
• Establish safeguards to protect all jurisdictions and ensure all individual characteristics and specialisms are secure
• Ensure proceedings are accessible, fair to all parties and handled quickly and efficiently
•Establish new independent appointment arrangements

For full details see the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government websites.

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