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Child Maintenance Written Answer, 11/03/14 [E/NI/S/W]

Written Answer given in the House of Commons on 11 March 2014 in response to Stephen Lloyd's (LD) question asking the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions when he will publish statistics on the performance of the Child Maintenance Service in collecting statutory maintenance liabilities under the 2012 scheme; whether such statistics will include information on the amount and proportion of liabilities not collected each month; whether his Department plans to carry out a public consultation on the statistics being developed to give information on the new 2012 statutory child maintenance scheme; and if he will publish the results of the reclassification of arrears trial run by the Child Maintenance Group which began in June 2012 and ended in October 2013. 

The Minister for Pensions, Steve Webb, replied that experimental statistics on the 2012 scheme administered by the Child Maintenance Service were published in November showing results for August and September 2013. An update to the experimental statistics will be released on 26 March 2014.

These statistics are still in the early stages of development with assurance ongoing. Management information regarding compliance and collections is currently under development and, while not included in the next publication, once assured, will be included in future experimental statistics publications.

While the initial trial of the process of reclassifying arrears has now concluded, the department is still considering the results and how best the process might be used in future. At present there are no plans to publish the results of the trial but it will be considered as part of our wider publications strategy.

For the full answer to this and other questions see the House of Commons Hansard 11 March 2014 which is available from the UK Parliament website.

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House of Commons Hansard 11 March 2014