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Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill Stage 1 Debate, 27/02/14 [S]

During its meeting of 27 February 2014 the Scottish Parliament debated the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1. The debate was opened by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill.

He said:

"The bill enhances provisions on a suspectís right of access to a solicitor, whether or not they are going to be questioned, and it puts the letter of rights on a statutory footing. It also protects the rights of children and vulnerable people. Scotlandís Commissioner for Children and Young People has welcomed the fact that the bill defines a child as someone under 18. Additionally, the bill allows a protected level of self-determination for 16 to 17-year-olds, in recognition of the fact that those young people are, in other circumstances, entitled and able to make their own decisions".

The legislation would also remove the need for corroboration in criminal trials.

At decision time the Bill was passed at Stage 1.

For full details see the Scottish Parliament Official Report 27 February 2014 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Official Report 27 February 2014