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Scotland's Future Motion, 07/01/14 [S]

Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 7 January 2014 by Alex Salmond (SNP) on Scotland's future.

The full text of the motion reads:

That the Parliament deplores the welfare austerity cuts imposed by the UK Government on the most vulnerable; notes the estimate of the Child Poverty Action Group that, as a direct result of these, by 2020 child poverty will increase by up to 100,000; recognises that free school meals help tackle child poverty and promote child welfare and educational attainment; further recognises that free school meals save families at least 330 per child per year; confirms its commitment to increasing the number of primary school pupils eligible for free school meals; further confirms its commitment to continue to increase the provision of high-quality early learning and childcare, which, as well as being of benefit to children, will be of great assistance to family finances and help to boost female participation in the labour market; believes that, with independence, Scotland can match countries such as Sweden and increase the number of women in the labour market by more than 100,000, increase Scottish output by 2.2 billion and government revenues by 700 million; acknowledges that the powers of independence are necessary to ensure that the full ambitions for early years education and childcare in Scotland are delivered as only with the powers of independence will these additional revenues stay in Scotland to fund such a policy for the long term; believes that having full control over both taxation and welfare is vital to achieve the transformation in childcare that Scotland needs and for child poverty to be finally eradicated, and further believes that only with independence can Scotland truly become the best place in the world for a child to grow up.

Amendments to this motion were lodged by Johann Lamont (Lab), Willie Rennie (LD) and Ruth Davidson (Cons).

This motion was debated in the Scottish Parliament on 7 January 2014.

For full details see the Scottish Parliament Business Bulletin 7 January 2014.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Business Bulletin 7 January 2014