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Household Statistics, 18/12/13 [S]

The Registrar General for Scotland has published statistics on Households and Families, and Method of Travel to Work or Study in Scotland.

Among the findings are:

  • Of the 2.4 million households in Scotland, married or same-sex civil partnered couple families (either with or without children) were the most common household type at 32 per cent (758,000), followed by households with one person aged under 65 living alone (22 per cent, 511,000) or with one person aged 65 or over living alone (13 per cent, 312,000).
  • There were 263,000 lone parent families (11 per cent of all households), of which nearly two thirds included dependent children. Nine per cent of households were cohabiting couple families (217,000), and 8 per cent (179,000) families aged 65 and over. The remaining 6 per cent (131,000) were ‘Other’ household types.
  • Out of the 170,000 lone parents aged 16 to 74 in Scotland in 2011, 92 per cent (156,000) were female; this was the same proportion as in 2001.
  • In 2011, 64 per cent of male lone parents and 58 per cent of female lone parents aged 16 to 74 were in employment.
  • Both the proportion of lone parents in employment, and the hours worked by those in employment, increased between 2001 and 2011.
  • Of all the households in Scotland in 2011, just over a quarter (26 per cent) included at least one dependent child, which was a slight decrease from 28 per cent in 2001.
  • Comparison of families with and without children shows those including married or same-sex civil partnered couples were more likely to have children than cohabiting couples (61 per cent of married or same-sex civil partnered couple families compared with 46 per cent of cohabiting couple families).
  • In 2011, there were 614,000 families with a total of 1.0 million dependent children. Of these families, 50 per cent (304,000) included one dependent child, 37 per cent (229,000) included two dependent children and the remaining 13 per cent (81,000) included three or more dependent children.

For full details see the Scottish Government and Scotland's Census websites.

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