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Self-directed Support Government response to consultation on guidance and regulations, 02/12/13 [S]

The Scottish Government has published its response to the consultation on the Self-directed support draft regulations and statutory guidance to accompany the Social Care (Self-directed support)(Scotland) Act 2013.

The Scottish Government will amend and update the main statutory guidance document, focusing in particular on the material relating to carers, children and families, transition from children's support to adult support and links to wider legislation including adult and child protection.

 The Government plans to retain the Regulations on the means testing of direct payments, direct payments by instalments, third party direct payments and circumstances where a direct payment may be terminated, in their current form.

The Scottish Government will now make final amendments to the draft Regulations and will introduce a final set of Regulations to the Scottish Parliament prior to the planned commencement date for the SDS Act (April 2014). The Government will also amend the statutory guidance and will issue a final version of the guidance prior to the commencement date. Final amendments will be made in consultation with the national SDS Programme Board which includes a range of key interested partners from councils, providers and user and carer organisation's.

For full details see the Scottish Government website.

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Self-directed Support Government response to consultation on guidance and regulations