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2012 Statutory Child Maintenance Scheme Statement, 25/11/13 [E/NI/S/W]

Written Statement in the House of Commons on 25 November 2013 from the Minister for Pensions, Steve Webb on the 2012 Statutory Child Maintenance Scheme.

He said:

"Today the Government will open the 2012 statutory child maintenance scheme, delivered by the Child Maintenance Service, to all new applicants. We will no longer be accepting new applications to the 2003 scheme, delivered by the Child Support Agency.

The flat rate of child maintenance will also increase from 5 to 7 for 2012 scheme cases only. This change will increase the amount of money flowing to children and restore approximately the value of the flat rate in real terms, compared with what it was when introduced in 2003.

Those wishing to make an application to the 2012 scheme will first need to go through a gateway conversation, delivered by the Child Maintenance Options service. This will ensure that applicants consider their alternatives before turning to the statutory scheme. This will be a tailored conversation appropriate to individual circumstances. For example, those who have been victims of domestic violence will be fast-tracked through the gateway.

The Government aim to ensure that parents who are able to make their own family-based arrangements are supported and encouraged to do so, while an efficient and effective statutory service is still available as a backstop for those who really need it".

For full details see the House of Commons Hansard 25 November 2013 which is available from the UK Parliament website.

Further Information

House of Commons Hansard 25 November 2013