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Marriage Bill supported by majority of Committee at Stage 1, 08/11/13 [S]

The general principles of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill are supported by the majority of members on the Equal Opportunities Committee in its Stage 1 report.

A minority of the Committee’s members do not support the Bill because they disagree in principle or because they are not convinced that the Bill currently has adequate protections in place.

The Committee has asked the Scottish Government for consideration on a number of issues including:

  • Stakeholders varying views on the approach taken in the Bill on protecting celebrants of faith and religious organisations’ freedom to conduct legally valid marriages in keeping with their doctrines.
  • An amendment raised by the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities to redefine non-civil marriages, to more prominently reflect the distinction between religious ceremonies and belief ceremonies.
  • An opinion expressed by the Humanist Society Scotland that the treatment in marriage law of the Church of Scotland affords it a privileged status.
  • The spousal consent to be removed from the gender-recognition process.
For full details see the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Stage 1 report on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill