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Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill, 02/07/13 - 02/08/13 [S]

The Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee has issued a call for evidence on the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill. Submissions should be received by 2 August 2013.

In summary, the Bill:

  • Provides for the Scottish Ministers to specify national outcomes for health and wellbeing, and for delivery of which, Health Boards and local authorities will be accountable to the Scottish Ministers and the public
  • Sets out principles for planning and delivery of integrated functions, which local authorities, Health Boards and joint integration boards will be required to have regard to.
  • Establishes integration joint boards and integration joint monitoring committees as the partnership arrangements for the governance and oversight of health and social care services. The Bill will remove Community Health Partnerships from statute.
  • Requires Health Board and local authority partners to enter into arrangements to delegate functions and appropriate resources to ensure the effective delivery of those functions.
  • Requires integration joint boards to appoint a chief officer, who will be jointly accountable, through the board, to the constituent Health Board and local authorities, and responsible for the management of the integrated budget and the delivery of services for the area of the integration plan.
  • Requires integration joint boards, and Health Boards or local authorities to whom functions are delegated acting in the capacity of ―integration authority to prepare a strategic plan for the area, which sets out arrangements for delivery of integration functions and how it will meet the national health and wellbeing outcomes.

Submissions should be sent to by 2 August 2013.

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