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Funding Written Answer, 03/05/13 [S]

Written Answer given in response to Neil Bibby's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Government what the eligibility criteria will be for funding via strategic funding partnerships; what body will administer such funding, and what form the application process will take; what the timescale will be for (a) applications for and (b) awards of funding via strategic funding partnerships; what involvement ministers and officials will have in awarding funding through strategic funding partnerships; and how much funding will be made available for strategic funding partnerships and what the (a) maximum and (b) minimum award will be.

The Minister for Children and Young People, Aileen Campbell, replied that the Scottish Government invited organisations which satisfied one or more of the following criteria in to discussions about establishing Strategic Funding Partnerships:

  • The organisation is unique in the services it delivers and loss of these services would have an unacceptable impact;
  • The service the organisation provides is a key part of the Scottish Governments national support for delivery;
  • The organisationís service is important in ensuring equality of access to support.

There is no application process. The Scottish Government has approached key organisations. The Scottish Government will administer Strategic Funding Partnerships. Grant letters will be issued to organisations entering Strategic Funding Partnerships with the Scottish Government on conclusion of these discussions.

Ministers agreed the organisations to be invited to discuss Strategic Funding Partnerships. Discussions with individual organisations are being taken forward by relevant officials.

£10 million has been made available over the next two years for Strategic Funding Partnerships. No maximum or minimum award has been set.

For the full answer to this and other questions see the Scottish Parliament Written Answer Report 3 May 2013 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Written Answer Report 3 May 2013