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Flexible Parental Leave and Flexible Working, 13/11/12 [E/S/W]

Written statement by Jo Swinson, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, on the government’s response to the flexible parental leave and flexible working elements of the modern workplaces consultation.

She said “The response details a package of measures that will further enhance the flexibility of the labour market and will allow businesses more freedom in how they manage their staff. These measures will encourage fathers to take a greater role in caring for their babies and enable working families to be able to share caring responsibilities in the earliest stages of a child’s life. In addition, we are extending the right to request flexible working to all employees”.

For full details see the House of Commons Hansard 13 November 2012 which is available from the UK Parliament website.

Further Information

House of Commons Hansard 13 November 2012