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Scottish Government's Programme, 04/09/12 [S]

During the meeting of 4 September 2012 the First Minister set out the Programme for Government 2012-13. This was followed by a debate on 4 and 5 September.

There will be 15 Bills put forward in 2012-13. These include:

  •  Children and Young People Bill -will put in place a coherent statutory framework for planning and delivery of services provided to children and young people. It will also increase transparency, scrutiny and accountability around the public sector’s approach to the practical realisation of children’s rights, and it will make provision to deliver the commitment to a minimum of 600 hours free early learning and childcare provision.
  • the Budget Bill - the annual Budget Bill provides Parliamentary approval for the Scottish Government’s spending plans.
  • the Referendum Bill - will make provision for an independence referendum to be held in autumn 2014 to allow the people of Scotland to vote on the way Scotland is governed.
  • Post 16 Education Bill- will provide an underpinning legal basis for some aspects of the Scottish Government’s programme of post-16 learning reform.
  • Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill - will allow same sex couples to marry, and will also allow civil partnerships to be registered through a religious ceremony.
  • Victims and Witnesses Bill - will improve the support available for victims and witnesses, putting victims’ interests at the heart of improvements to the justice system and ensuring that witnesses are able to fulfil their public duty effectively.
  • Criminal Justice Bill - will reform and modernise the system for investigation and prosecution of crime in Scotland.
For full details see the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament website.

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