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Scotland's People Annual Report: Results from 2011 Scottish Household Survey, 29/08/12 [S]

Scotlandís Chief Statistician has published the Scottish Household Survey (SHS) 2011 Annual Report (Scotlandís People).

The SHS is a survey of households across the whole of Scotland, and is designed to provide reliable and up-to-date information on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households and individuals on a range of issues, both nationally and at a sub-national level.

Among the key points are:

  • Levels of satisfaction of schooling amongst parents are high, with over nine in ten (92 per cent) of all parents with school aged children satisfied with the education provided by their child's school.
  • Satisfaction parents have with schooling decreases slightly as the age of the school child increases, decreasing from 95 per cent† for those aged 4 to 6 down to 89 per cent for those aged 13 and above.
  • Typically around two-fifths of households have access to some form of play areas within their neighbourhood. A half have access to a park, and 46 per cent have access to either a playground or field or other open space.
  • Generally, those households within rural areas are more likely to say children would be very safe or fairly safe when walking or cycling to play areas on their own, ranging from around three-fifths for most play areas in urban areas to around four-fifths in rural areas.
  • Most householders would feel comfortable with children being aged around 9 or 10 years old to play without supervision in outside play areas. However, this increases to closer to 11 years old when playing within a natural environment or wooded area.
  • Just over three-quarters (76 per cent) of young people aged 8 to 21 take part in some of activities regularly, with the majority of young people (54 per cent) taking part in sports or sporting activity whether played competitively or not.
For full details see Scotland's People Annual Report: Results from 2011 Scottish Household Survey which is available from the Scottish Government website.

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Scotland's People Annual Report: Results from 2011 Scottish Household Survey