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The Scottish Government Response to the Commission on Women Offenders, 25/06/12 [S]

The Scottish Government has published its response to the Commission on Women Offenders.

The Commission's report made 37 cross - cutting recommendations about improving the experience of the criminal justice system for women offenders in Scotland.

The Scottish Government provides individual responses to each of these recommendations within this document, detailing how Scottish ministers will address the report in the short and medium - long term.

In summary:

  • The Scottish Government agrees with the aims of the Commissioní report, has accepted 33 of the 37 recommendations and work will begin on delivering them with immediate effect.† The remaining four recommendations will be examined in more detail, in consultation with the sector.
  • Ministers have asked the Scottish Prison Service to produce plans for improving the female prison estate, including finding a suitable alternative to Cornton Vale Prison, and the Scottish Government has provided an additional £20m capital funding for 2014-15 to aid this purpose.
  • This financial year, the Scottish Government is providing £1 million funding to support projects which will put the Commissionís plans for local delivery of community sentences and support for women offenders into practice.†
  • In line with the Scottish Governmentís shift towards preventative spending, £7.5m will be allocated over three years to provide one-to-one services to support offenders to complete their sentences and address the underlying problems which so often fuel their crimes.† These workers will engage intensively and persistently with offenders to ensure they comply with the programmes and appointments relating to their sentence, and also to give them practical help to get their lives back on track.
  • The Scottish Government will consult later in the year on the options for restructuring community justice to agree the most effective and efficient ways of using the £100m it allocates annually to deliver community sentences, support to help offenders rehabilitate and to reduce reoffending in the future.
  • The Justice Secretary will report to Parliament on progress against the reportís recommendations in October 2012, and annually thereafter.

For full details see The Scottish Government Response to the Commission on Women Offenders which is available from the Scottish Government website.

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