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Adoption Motion, 28/10/11 [S]

Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 28 October 2011 by Marco Biagi (SNP) on adoption.

The full text of the motion reads:

That the Parliament notes that 31 October to 6 November 2011 is National Adoption Week; further notes that last year there were close to 16,000 looked-after children in Scotland, of whom 9,000 were looked after away from home but only 218 of those were adopted, and that there were only 466 adoptions in total last year; believes that ensuring that children are in stable, secure, loving homes improves both their lives and life chances; hopes that more children can be placed with adoptive parents and waiting times brought down; supports the National Adoption Register introduced by the Scottish Government, which is designed to help support adoption agencies place children in loving, stable homes; welcomes the Adoption and Placement Service newly launched by Barnardo’s Scotland, and looks forward to these developments helping more children to be placed in adoptive homes over the coming years.

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