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Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2010, 25/10/11 [S]

The Scottish Government has published reported road accident and casualty statistics from Transport Scotland's Statistician.

Among the main findings are:

  • 208 deaths on Scotland's roads in 2010 - 4 per cent fewer than in 2009 (216), 36 per cent fewer than 2000 (326) and the lowest figure since records began
  • 1,376 child casualties, 97 (7 per cent) fewer than in 2009 (1,473), 54 per cent fewer than 2000 (3,000)
  • Four child fatalities in 2010, 1 less than 2009
  • Young car drivers (aged 17-25) were involved in 25 per cent of both reported car accidents and fatal car accidents
  • Young male car drivers (aged 17-25) were more likely to be involved in road accidents - in 2010 their accident rate was one and a half times the accident rate of car drivers of all ages
  • Scotland (five per million population aged under 15) has the second lowest rate of child fatalities (of 32 countries for which figures are available); 2009 is the latest year available
For full details see Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2010 which is available from the Scottish Government website.

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