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Bullying Written Answer, 02/08/11 [S]

Written Answer given in response to Ken Macintosh's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Executive what next steps it will take to tackle bullying in schools; whether it will introduce a system to ensure that all incidents of bullying are recorded by each school; whether it will ensure that information on all incidents of bullying in schools is collected by each local authority; and how often ministers meet the Scottish Anti-Bullying Steering Group.

The Minister for Learning and Skills, Alasdair Allan, replied that the Scottish Government wholly funds the national anti-bullying service, respectme and will continue to support Childline to provide the Bullying Helpline.

It will also continue to engage with relevant stakeholders via the Scottish Anti-bullying Steering Group which aims to steer, co-ordinate and promote developments in anti-bullying work to make sure Scotlandís approach to anti-bullying is comprehensive, effective and cohesive. The Positive Behaviour Team (newly located within Education Scotland) will carry on their work with schools and local authorities on a range of approaches to improve behaviour and relationships, including the ongoing implementation of A National Approach to Anti-bullying for Scotlandís Children and Young People.

A National Approach to Anti-bullying for Scotlandís Children and Young People makes clear that it is essential for organisations to record and monitor incidents of bullying to ensure that appropriate response and follow-up has been issued. The National Approach also confirms that the recording, monitoring and analysis of bullying is best carried out locally where it can be understood and acted upon by local organisations, as well as providing feedback on the effectiveness of anti-bullying policy and practice. It is for local authorities to decide how best to record and monitor within the context of local circumstances.

It is for officials to act as a conduit between ministers and the Scottish Anti-bullying Steering Group on policy and other issues. Therefore, ministers do not meet directly with the Group.

For the full answer to this and other questions see the Scottish Parliament Written Answers Report 2 August 2011 which is available from the Scottish Parliament website.

Further Information

Scottish Parliament Written Answers Report 2 August 2011