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Scottish Government response to Teaching Scotland's Future, 09/03/11 [S]

The Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning, Angela Constance, has made a minsterial statement on the Scottish Government’s response to “Teaching Scotland’s Future”.

Ms Constance accepted the recommendations of the Donaldson review and announced the formation of a partnership group to take the work forward.

Key recommendations of the Teaching Scotland's Future (the Donaldson Review included:

  • Teachers should be encouraged to continue their own education towards a Masters degree, including masters level credits being built into continuing teacher development
  • Improved selection of students for teacher education courses including diagnostic testing of literacy and numeracy
  • Gradual phasing out of traditional BEd degrees, introducing studies not solely aimed at school teaching
  • Greater flexibility in how non-contact time is used by teachers
  • Using a network of 'hub' schools with an excellent reputation for placements to enhance teacher education
  • Increased quality assurance of all parts of teacher education though greater continuity and partnership within the sector
  • Enhanced continuous professional development throughout a teacher's career
For full details see the Scottish Parliament Official Report 9 March 2011 and the Scottish Government website.

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