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Experiences of Muslims Living in Scotland, 08/03/11 [S]

The Scottish Government has published the findings of a scoping study into the experiences of Muslims living in Scotland, with a specific focus on experiences of discrimination and religious intolerance.

Among the main findings are:

  • There is evidence that experiences of racial and religious discrimination against Muslims are a problem in Scotland as they are elsewhere in the United Kingdom
  • Research has indicated that Muslims in Scotland are more likely to identify with Scotland than Muslims in England are with England.
  • Nevertheless, research also found that whether or not people from ethnic minority communities are accepted as Scottish is conditional on ethnic minority groups exhibiting certain behaviours and cultural codes which would allow them to be seen as Scottish.
  • For many of the research participants, their area of residence was a site of unpleasant encounters. On the streets and in their everyday navigation of the city, most participants had had some experience of unfriendliness and hostility that they saw as unequivocally racist.
  • It was widely felt that education could help improve relations between communities, alongside greater support for the participation of Muslim women and young people in civic society.
For full details see Experiences of Muslims Living in Scotland which is available from the Scottish Government website.

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Experiences of Muslims Living in Scotland