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3 million for Gypsy Traveller sites announced during Equal Opportunities Committee, 28/06/05 [S]

Deputy Minister for Communities, Johann Lamont, announced during the Equal Opportunities Committee meeting that the Executive plans to provide an additional 3 million for Gypsy Traveller sites.

Johann Lamont made the announcement whilst giving evidence at the Committee meeting. The additional funding will be provided during 2005-06 to 2007-08 and will be used specifically to improve site provision and site standards.

She also said that the Executive would establish a short-life strategic group specifically to examine developing their work on Gypsies/Travellers. She said that the composition of the group will be discussed with Gypsies/Travellers and with organisations such as Save the Children, the Scottish Human Rights Centre and the Gypsy Traveller community development project.

During the evidence session Marlyn Livingstone (Lab) highlighted the need for more to be done to implement the recommendations in the Committee's report for play areas for children and barrier-free adapted amenity chalets for disabled Gypsy Travellers.

Education for Gypsy Traveller children was also discussed. Marlyn Glen (Lab) noted that the curriculum does not provide subjects that are relevant to the lives of Gypsy Traveller children. Concern was also raised about levels of bullying of Gypsy Traveller children.

Further details can be found in the Equal Opportunities Committee Official Report 28 June 2005.

Further Information

  1. Equal Opportunities Committee Official Report 28 June 2005.