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Articles - Childcare and out of school care

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Expansion in free childcare for families, 11/08/14 [S]
Tens of thousands of parents and carers across Scotland will start gaining from extra hours of free early learning and childcare over the next week.

Early Years and childcare costs Written Answer, 25/06/14 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Hugh Henry's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Governement how it will ensure that local authorities will be given the full revenue and capital costs necessary to implement its early years and childcare initiative.

Childcare Expansion (Publicity) Oral Question, 25/06/14 [S]
During Question Time on 25 June 2014 Liz Smith (Con) asked the Scottish Government how it is publicising to parents the expansion of childcare provision.

Queens Speech, 04/06/14 [S]
The UK government has announced its legislative agenda for the year ahead, in the Queen's Speech.

Finance Committee takes evidence on Children and Young People Act, 04/06/14 [S]
During its meeting of 4 June 2014 the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee took evidence on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014.

Scotland's Future Motion, 28/05/14 [S]
Motion lodged before the Scottish Parliament on 28 May 2014 by Kezia Dugdale (Lab) on Scotland's future.

Scotland's Future Debate, 28/05/14 [S]
Debate in the Scottish Parliament on 28 May 2014 on Scotland's Future. The debate, which focused on childcare, was opened by Kezia Dugdale (Lab).

Independent Review of Early Learning and Childcare Workforce and Out of school Care Workforce, 20/05/14 - 30/09/14 [S]
First Call for Evidence for the Independent Review of Early Learning and Childcare Workforce and Out of school Care Workforce.

Childcare Oral Question, 14/05/14 [S]
During themed question time on 14 May 2014 Margaret McCulloch (Lab) asked the Scottish Government what support it provides to people returning to education, training or employment who have very young children.

Employment Written Answer, 13/05/14 [S]
Written Answer given in response to N Neil Bibby's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Government what information it has on how many of the estimated 64,000 economically inactive women in Scotland with young children would like to work; and how much additional tax revenue would be raised in an independent Scotland if (a) 14,000 and (b) 64,000 economically inactive women with young children entered the workforce.