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Articles - Social inclusion/ exclusion

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Consultation on digital inclusion policy, 28/10/05 [S]
Scottish Executive consultation on digital inclusion policy. The digital inclusion policy aims to ensure that everyone has access to ICT. There is emphasis in particular on excluded groups. Consultation to 27 January 2006.

Students with children, 07/11/05 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Irene Oldfather's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Executive what importance it places on ensuring access to further and higher education for mature students with children.

Children (Scotland) Act 1995 (Dungavel) Oral Question, 24/03/05 [S]
During Question Time on 24 March 2005 Christine Grahame (SNP) asked the Scottish Executive how many children being held at Dungavel House immigration removal centre have been referred to the children's reporter under the Children (Scotland) Act 1995.

Focus on Social Inequalities 12/04 [E/NI/S/W]
<i>Focus on Social Inequalities</i> describes the different experiences of social groups in the UK today in six key areas: education, work, income, living standards, health, and participation. Published by the Office for National Statistics, it looks at the 'advantaged' as well as the 'disadvantaged' and explores the relative differences between them.

Asylum Seeker Families Ministerial Statement 16/11/04 [E/NI/S/W]
The Minister for Citizenship and Immigration - Desmond Browne - made a statement on asylum seeker families and the support they receive. The full text can be found below:

Working Group on Hate Crime report, 08/10/04 [S]
This report sets out the recommendations of the independent Working Group on Hate Crime to the Scottish Ministers. The Group makes several recommendations to the Scottish Executive including specific legislation for hate crime defined as a ""crime motivated by malice or ill will towards a social group"" and consideration of a citizenship programme for schools which can incorporate work on combating prejudice at a young age.

Participation of young people in Higher Education, Oral Question, 16/09/04 [S]
During Question Time on 16 September 2004 Rhona Brankin (Lab) asked the Scottish Executive what steps it is taking to increase the participation of young people from underprivileged backgrounds in higher education. (S2O-3200)

Measuring Deprivation in Scotland: Developing a Long-Term Strategy - Final Report 15/09/03 [S]
Report by the Scottish Centre for Research on Social Justice into a long-term strategy for measuring deprivation in Scotland.

Under-representation in legal education study, 17/03/2003 [S]
Students from less affluent backgrounds and from minority ethnic groups are under-represented in legal education in Scotland, according to research.

Indices of deprivation 2003, 27/02/03 [S]
A new report concerning the measurement of relative deprivation in Scotland.