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Articles - Social inclusion/ exclusion

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Educational Attainment Written Answer, 23/09/14 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Kezia Dugdale (Lab) question asking the Scottish Government whether it will list each (a) local authority and (b) school participating in the Raising Attainment for All programme

Deaf Pupils' Education Written Answer, 08/09/14 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Jenny Marra (Lab) question asking the Scottish Government how many people are registered to teach deaf pupils and how many are in post, broken down by local authority.

Social Trends 41: lifestyles and social participation, 27/01/11 [E/NI/S/W]
The Office for National Statistics has published the latest statistics on lifestyles and social participation.

Building the big society, 18/05/10 [E/NI/S/W]
The new UK Government has published its plans to put more power and opportunity into people’s hands. Among the proposals is the introduction of a National Citizen Service which aims to give 16 year olds the chance to develop the skills needed to be active and responsible citizens, mix with people from different backgrounds, and start getting involved in their communities.

Young people: know your rights to fair treatment, 23/09/09 [E/S/W]
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published a booklet listing sources of advice for young people experiencing discrimination.

UK Equality Bill - Specific Public Sector Duties to Promote Equality, and Socio-economic Duty Consultation, 03/08/09 - 26/10/09
The Scottish Government is consulting on extending the public sector duty on socio-economic inequalities in the UK Equality Bill to cover public bodies in Scotland. Consultation to 26 October 2009.

Change Over Time in the Context, Outcomes and Inequalities of Secondary Schooling in Scotland, 1985-2005, 14/05/09 [S]
The Scottish Government has published research using data from the Scottish School Leavers Survey to examine the change over time in the context, outcomes and inequalities of secondary schooling in Scotland, in the period 1985-2005.

Equality Bill, 27/04/09 [E/S/W]
The Equality Bill has received its first reading in the House of Commons. This is a consolidation Bill meant to harmonise existing discrimination law.

An analysis of the trends and issues relating to fair access to the professions, 14/04/09 [E/NI/S/W]
This Report by the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions, supported by the Cabinet Office, identifies where progress had been made to widen access to professions such as law, medicine, media, publishing, Civil Service and banking for young people but also identifies where barriers still exist.

New Opportunities Statement, 13/01/09 [E/NI/S/W]
Statement by Liam Byrne, Minister for the Cabinet Office, on the publication of the social mobility white paper - New opportunities: fair chances for the future.