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Articles - School discipline

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Substance Misuse Written Answer, 20/11/08 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Richard Baker's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Executive whether it intends to take action to address the number of pupils temporarily excluded from school for substance misuse.

Alcohol Misuse Written Answer, 04/11/08 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Richard Baker's (Lab) question asking the Scottish Executive how many pupils have been suspended for alcohol-related issues in each local authority area in the last year.

Pupil Suspensions Written Answer, 10/07/08 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Jeremy Purvis' question asking the Scottish Executive how many pupils were suspended from schools in each of the last three years, broken down by local authority area.

Gangs and schools: interim report, 17/04/08 [E,NI,S,W]
An interim report for NASUWT published ahead of the full report in September. The report suggests that although there is no widespread problem of gang-related activity in schools, where it exists it is of significant concern. Key messages to emerge from the research include: that it is essential to encourage schools with a problem to admit it; prison visits may act as a deterrent to joining gangs. Often the lavish lifestyle young people associate with gang culture appeals to them without truly understanding the potential long-term consequences; promising practice examples (which need more in-depth evaluation) reported by the schools to tackle gang and gang-related issues include - restorative justice models, peace treaties between community leaders, peer mentoring schemes and policies to deal with those excluded from school to prevent their further involvement in undesirable activities.

Improving relationships and promoting positive behaviour in Scotland's schools, 15/04/08 [S]
Scottish Government leaflet on activities underway to promote good relationships and positive behaviour in schools. The leaflet sets out the Government's commitments under the Curriculum for Excellence and the national outcome agreement, details the support and training available in this area and lists key contacts for initiatives in each area.

Pupil Indiscipline Oral Question, 08/11/07 [S]
During Question Time on 8 November 2007 David McLetchie (Con) asked the Scottish Executive when it will introduce new guidelines to help schools tackle pupil indiscipline.

Action plan for discipline in schools, 18/07/07 [S]
An action plan by the Discipline Stakeholders Group to build upon the commitments to "Better Behaviour Better Learning" and to promoting positive behaviour and tackle indiscipline. The plan will expect every council and headteacher to use an appropriate mix of new approaches such as behaviour co-ordinators, Staged Intervention/Framework for Intervention, restorative practices, the Motivated School, Solution Oriented School and Cool in School.

Bullying in Schools Written Answer, 17/07/07 [S]
Written Answer given in response to Hugh O’Donnell’s (LD) question asking the Scottish Executive what steps it has taken to address bullying in schools.

Discipline in Schools Oral Question, 21/06/07 [S]
During Question Time on 21 June 2007 Murdo Fraser (Con) asked the Scottish Executive how it will improve standards of discipline in schools.

Misspent youth: the costs of truancy and exclusion, 16/06/07 [E/NI/S/W]
New report from the New Philanthropy Capital which has found that failure to tackle truancy is costing the UK economy £800m each year and the average cost of a persistent truant is £44,468 across his or her lifetime. The total bill could be cut by a quarter or more if projects run by charities like School-Home Support were available right across the UK.