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Articles - Strategies

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Citizenship: Our Common Bond, 11/03/08 [E,NI,S,W]
Lord Goldsmith's review report and recommendations intended to promote the meaning and significance of citizenship within modern Britain. The review sets out reforms that will make clearer what it means to be a citizen and practical measures that may help to enhance a shared sense of belonging.

Better Health, Better Care: Action Plan, 12/12/07 [S]
Scottish Government action plan setting out the Government's programme for health. The report is informed by the response to the consultation on Better Health, Better Care: A Discussion Document which was published in August 2007.

Getting it right for every child in kinship and foster care, 04/12/07 [S]
Scottish Government publication of the national kinship and foster care strategy, Getting it right for every child in foster care and kinship care. The strategy aims to ensure a child centred approach to kinship and foster care and to ensure that support is offered to families to stay together where possible, and where not possible, that kinship care be the next first option where appropriate. Support for kinship and foster carers is a key part of the strategy, and the Government will provide allowances to kinship carers as well as foster carers.

Skills for Scotland: A Lifelong Skills Strategy, 10/09/07 [S]
Scottish Government's strategy for skills in Scotland. The strategy sets out how the Government plan to improve people's opportunities to increase their skills. Each part of the Strategy covers very specific target groups from early years through to adulthood.

Cross-government Action Plan on Sexual Violence and Abuse, 02/04/07 [E/NI/S/W]
This Action Plan describes current activity, and work planned for the coming year, for delivering the government’s key objectives on sexual violence and abuse. The plan covers all forms of sexual violence and abuse, and all those affected by such crimes including women, men and children.

UK Action Plan on Tackling Human Trafficking, 23/03/07 [E/NI/S/W]
Home Office publication of the Action Plan on Tackling Human Trafficking. This follows the collaboration of the Scottish Executive and the Home Office and calls for a combined effort of many governmental agencies to address all the elements of trafficking.

Moving Forward: a Strategy for Improving Young People’s Chances through Youth Work, 13/03/07 [S]
Scottish Executive national youth work strategy following consultation in 2006. The strategy was published for consultation in 2006 and the Executive are now proposing a year of action on youth work to kick-start the strategy. This document sets out the work the Executive plan to do both in the short and long term.

Child road safety strategy 2007, 26/02/07 [S]
The Department for Transport's child road safety strategy for 2007. Key activities include education, pedestrian training and 20mph zones.

Managing Information Across Partners: A Strategy for the Scottish Education Sector, 07/07/06 [S]
Statement from the Scottish Managing Information Across Partners (MIAP) Development Group on an agreed management information strategy for the Scottish Education Sector. The aim is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data collection and processing.

Getting it right for every child implementation plan, 22/06/06 [S]
Scottish Executive implementation plan for the Getting it Right for Every Child proposals. The consultations for Getting it Right for Every Child were completed in September 2005. The proposals aims to improve the delivery of children's services and the effectiveness of the Children's Hearings System.