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Articles - Statistics

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Census 2011: Identity, Language and Religion in Scotland, 19/03/14 [S]
The statistics published by the Registrar General for Scotland on the Scotland’s Census website present further details from the 2011 Census in Scotland on Ethnicity, Identity, Language and Religion, from national to local level.

Births, Deaths and other Vital Events figures released, 13/03/14 [S]
Provisional figures for births, deaths, adoptions, marriages and civil partnerships registered during 2013 have been published by the National Records of Scotland.

Measuring national well-being – children’s well-being, 2014, 06/03/14 - 17/04/14 [E/NI/S/W]
This article proposes a draft set of 24 headline measures of national well-being for children aged 0 to 15 across seven domains - personal well-being; our relationships; health; what we do; where we live; personal finance; and education & skills.

Young people in the labour market, 2014, 05/03/14 [E/NI/S/W]
The Office for National Statistics has published an analysis which looks at the economic activity of young people aged 16 to 24 in the UK, examining both the unemployment rate and the proportion who are unemployed in this age group.

Measuring national well-being – governance, 2014, 20/02/14 [E/NI/S/W]
The Office for National Statistics has published information on forms of civic engagement, notably satisfaction with government and democracy, interest in politics and participation in politics.

United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre National Referral Mechanism Statistics 2013, 18/02/14 [E/NI/S/W]
The National Crime Agency has published details of potential victims of human trafficking in the UK in 2013.

Suicides in the United Kingdom, 2012 registrations, 18/02/14 [E/NI/S/W]
The Office for National Statistics has published details on suicides in the UK in 2012.

Reported road casualties in Great Britain: provisional estimates Q3 2013, 06/02/14 [E/S/W]
This Department for Transport release provides estimates of personal injury road accidents and casualties, covering the year ending September 2013.

Benefit cap: number of households capped to December 2013, 06/02/14 [E/S/W]
The Department for Work and Pensions shows the number of households capped from 15 April 2013 to December 2013.

Childbearing of UK and non-UK born women living in the UK, 2011 Census data, 04/02/14 [E/NI/S/W]
The Office for National Statistics has published this report on fertility patterns in the UK for UK born and non-UK born mothers shows that British women are having significantly more children than a decade ago, with birth rates for mothers in England and Wales up by 18 per cent.